How it works

Summertime is one of the most stressful times of the year for your wallets and your health. Your home absorbs hot and muggy summer weather and raises the inside temperature to an uncomfortable level. Next, you turn your air-conditioning unit on to cool it off. Traditional cooling systems work well to cool down your living quarters, but they will also drive your energy bills up to unbearable levels. The QuietCool system is an intricate cooling system that can give you a cooler home, a cheaper bill, and quiet peace of mind. You can save up to 90 percent of your regular AC bill just by having a QuietCool system installed in your home.

How the QuietCool System Works

The QuietCool system draws cool outside air into your home and then circulates it throughout the rooms. In addition to bringing cool air into your home, the QuietCool system also expels hot air from your attic. One of the main differences between the QuietCool system and traditional whole house fans is that you get to socialize, read, and sleep in peace. Normal whole house fans have loud propellers that often resemble a helicopter in your attic while running. The QuietCool system produces half the noise of a typical whole house fan and saves more energy.

When to Run your QuietCool System

The trick to getting the most out of your QuietCool system is knowing when to activate it. You will need to open several of your windows when you can feel cool air outside. Late afternoon and early evenings are the best times to turn the QuietCool fans on. You will want to have one installed in an area such as the living room where your family members spend a great deal of time.
The cooling process begins when a homeowner opens a screened window or door and turns the QuietCool system on.
The breeze from the cooler outside air will immediately ensure the homeowner feels up to 10 degrees cooler.

When you turn the QuietCool system on, it will automatically pull the cooler air into your home, and you will feel a 10-degree difference almost instantaneously. The cooler air will circulate through your home and provide you with a 30-degree temperature drop in a short time period. The more systems you install in your home, the cooler your living quarters will be. Your summertime bills no longer have to haunt you or cause you to struggle.

As the evening gets later, and the outside temperatures are cooler, you can open more windows in the multiple rooms of your home,
which will cool the whole house down. Once it is bedtime, you can close the windows and screen doors in your home except for this in
your occupied bedrooms, which will create that cool breeze you may desire. Homeowners can install a fan in each bedroom, which will allow
for that same enjoyable breeze, as well as the privacy of being able to close your door at night.

Installing a QuietCool Fan